The Plan for 2019

The time to get off the trainer and back on the road has finally arrived! So, that means it’s also time to give you an update on what’s planned for 2019.

  • New team jersey – Amanada is actively working on a new jersey design for the team. At the annual bike tune-up in early April, she showed the team two designs to get input on which they liked better. She’s now putting the final touches on this new design. We’ll let you know as soon as you can place an order.
  • Miami Adventure – Marty and Connie are heading to Miami for some training rides. This will be Connie’s first time riding in the Miami area. Marty will be posting pictures to Instagram and Strava.
  • Upcoming rides
    • Leinie’s Chippewa Valley Ride – Sunday May 26th
    • Trans-Wisconsin July 15-20
    • Something big but still in the planning stage for the last week of August and fist week of September
  • Monthly ride schedule is still a work in progress. The rides will usually be the second saturday of each month and range from 40 to 80 miles in length. The first ride will be in June.