Another Five Day Ride Complete

We wrapped up the tide from Hudson to West Bend today. Temperature was in the upper 80s and feels like 10+ degrees above that. Even with that weather it was a fantastic ride. Sandhill Cranes, deer, an assortment of rodents and birds all came out to see us as we went by.

Now I have to figure out what my next adventure will be. Any suggestions?

Rain Again

Another delayed start today. Based on the radar it looks like a 9:00 departure will be dry. Sounds like a good time for a nap.

Connie met us in Madison so she will be taking the trailer. It’ll be nice to ride without the extra load.

Working on an updated route to cut a few miles and eliminate some climb.

This is the Strava Live Feed link for today, the last day of the ride.


Last year I had lunch at the Sauk Prairie Grill and had some great pie so of course I had to come back.

The rain found is after about an hour of riding. It didn’t rain hard nor for long but is was more than enough to soak cloths and shoes. Should be dry by the time we get to Madison.

I had my first donation today on the Cystic Fibrosis GreatStrides site. Thank you to Don and Norma Pittman. If you like to donate too, the link in the paragraph will take you directly to my page.

If anyone would like to join my Red Cross team (Breathe Like A Dragon) please do and make appointment at the St Paul donation center. They do a fantastic job.

It’s raining It’s Pouring

Due to the rain and downpours, we decided to start a bit later today in the off chance we can stay a little drier.

Normally on Thursday I’m completing my Red Cross RapidPass. So since I won’t be seeing my friends at the St Paul Donation Center today I just want tell them “Hi!, see you next Thursday”. I’d be low on platelets today anyway due to all of the fly bites I got yesterday.

Here’s the link to the Strava Live Feed

My Phone Hates Tunnels Too

Well as many of you have noticed the Strava live tracking link from this morning said we’re done. Th water dripping from the ceiling of the tunnels caused my Stava to end the earlier rides.

So here’s the link to the continuation of today’s ride from Wilton to Reedsburg.

It’ll be an interesting afternoon since the trail from Wilton to Elroy is closed due to storm damage. It looks like riding the highway is our only option. According to the DNR website the 400 state trail is open from Elroy to Reedsburg.

Day 2 Complete

Only 5 miles longer than day 1, the 70 mile ride seemed even longer with 20 miles of it being compacted limestone trail. It gave me some insight into what is waiting for us tomorrow. I think it’s time for a minor handlebar adjustment to address some shoulder/neck pain.

We had a great time today at the Golden Frog in Fountain City, WI. We got to talk with many of the locals and learned that a little of a million dollars has been approved for a paved bike trail starting near Winona. A couple from Pepin also stopped by to talk bikes with us since they’d seen us several times the last 2 days on hwy 35. Stops like this are big reason I love to ride a stop by local business to eat.

My legs are really starting to feel the fatigue. Hopefully they’ll recover by morning, otherwise it may be a call for a ride.

More Great River Road

Day 2 starts in Pepin and will take us to Onalaska. Due to the heavy rains last night we may need to rethink riding the trail in Perrot State Park.

I’m hoping for a little shade today along the route but my memory tells me that there is none. Sunscreen reapplication will be a must.

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Day 1 – Complete

We rolled 65 miles today from Hudson to Pepin,WI. It was hot and muggy but a great ride overall. Traffic was fairly light and roads were good. Water was super important and I drank over 1.5 gallons. Time for a good nights sleep.